Crusader Court

Crusader Court consists of twenty-two duplex-style apartments. The most recent duplex apartment was finished in 2006.

Each of the duplexes houses five to six male students, which results in the entire area holding approximately 250 males. These residence halls are not centrally located to campus, but they are the facilities closest to the majority of the Universities athletic facilities.

Crusader Court is located across the street from the Melvin and Dollie Younts Stadium at Fogel Field. The apartments include three bedrooms, a living room, and a bathroom. The floor plans vary in size and shape, but each common area is large and includes a kitchen sink and countertop area. The rooms come equipped with a sink, two desks, two beds, two closets, and two dressers. In 2007, Crusader Court attained a laundry facility located extremely close to all duplex apartments for laundry convenience.  The apartments are ideal for groups of friends choosing to live together.

Other Housing

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