Elevated Expectations.

General Studies Program

Complete your degree and change your perspective.

This program can be completed entirely online.
Some courses offer an optional blended mode, where you can meet with professors and peers face-to-face or online.
Delivered: All required course materials before classes start. No sticker shock, either. Slingshot Bookstores and North Greenville University offer you the Textbook Butler service for a flat $27 per credit hour.

Build into Your Best Life

A degree can help your career. It also helps your mind. And at North Greenville, it opens up perspectives on living that can turn your everyday into your epic.

And, like all epics, it starts with the classics: philosophy, fine arts appreciation, and American History. Critical thinking, clear communication, complex problem-solving from a Christian perspective. That’s the 100% online General Studies degree from North Greenville.

Hands-On Experiences

Practical Application

Online courses focus on practical application of the material learned. Many of your fellow students are working adults and course activities give you an opportunity to apply what you’re learning to real life situations.

Senior Research Project

Students will research a real-world problem associated with their minor area of interest in the Senior Capstone course. In researching the problem, students will learn about problem solving and offer a possible solution to the real-world problem. This allows you to have a hands-on opportunity to walk through researching and writing about a topic in your field of interest.

Senior Portfolio Project

Students will design a portfolio that reflects their experiences, skills and personalities in the Senior Capstone course. You will have the opportunity to discover and reflect on your purpose, core values, and plans for the future. You will create SMART goals to help you launch your future after graduation.

Interdisciplinary Beside Experienced & Faithful Faculty

Gregory Bruce, PhD
Distinguished Professor of English | Honors Professor
Patricia Jeannette Mercier, D.Min.
Assistant Professor of General Studies

Study Everything in General Studies


Elevate Your Perspective

You’ll also take Chapel every semester, and Cultural Events for the first four semesters. You earn credit through attendance, and each course counts as half a credit. This is the NGU difference, how you find your peak performance and elevate your perspective, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

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