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Investing in Your Future

Your education, like a first house, is an investment in your future. The upfront costs return dividends over time as you pursue your life and career with greater skill, maturity, and adaptability.

Your tuition and fees vary by degree and program and can be offset by various forms of financial aid, including loans, scholarships, and grants.

How to Use This Information

Give Me the Bottom Line: Use the net price calculator to estimate your true costs.

Show Me All the Details, I’ll do my own math: Use the charts on this page, the scholarship page, and the net price calculator to gather your inputs.

The cost of your NGU education will vary, depending on where you start and where you’re headed. Use our net price calculator to get a better estimate of financial aid and out of pocket expenses.

2021-2022 Tuition & Fees

  • Undergraduate, On-Campus
    Tuition & Basic Costs, Per Semester
    1 through 11 hours, per hour $650
    12 through 19 hours (full-time) $11,235
    Over 19 hours, per hour $545
    Slingshot Textbook Butler, part-time 1 through 11 hours, per hour $27
    Slingshot Textbook Butler (full-time) $375
    Housing $2,500
    Premium Housing $2,950
    Single Room $3,950
    Married Housing (per month) $750
    Commuter Meal Plan $155
    Meals (20 meals per week) $2,820
    Total: Full-Time Commuting Student $11,390
    Total: Full-Time Resident Student $16,555
    Summer Session
    Tuition, per hour $460
    Laboratory fee (science courses) $85
    Registration fee $30
    Summer Housing per week $100

    Explore Academic Scholarships & Financial Aid

  • Undergraduate, Online
    Tuition & Fees, Per Semester
    Degree Program Tuition, per hour $450
    Technology Fee, Degree Programs $85
    Certificate Tuition, per hour $350
    Slingshot Textbook Butler, per hour $27
  • Graduate
    Graduate Tuition & Fees, By School
    Business, per hour $495
    Christian Ministry, Master’s, per hour $415
    Christian Ministry, Doctoral (including leveling courses), per hour $460
    Education, Master’s, per hour $415
    Education, Doctoral, per hour $510
    Music Education, per hour $415
    Technology Fee, per term $85
    Graduate Certificate Tuition, per hour  Discounted from program rate by $100 per hour
    Auditing a Graduate Course, per hour  $250
    PA Medicine, per semester*  $18,600*
    Slingshot Textbook Butler, per hour  $27

    *The PA program has a different cost structure. Please refer to the PA Tuition page for full details.

  • Special Fees, Per Semester
    Special Fees, Per Semester
    Admission Application Fee – Grad/Undergrad $35
    Admission Application Fee – Doct $60
    Auditing a Course (per hr) $285
    Automobile Registration $75
    Change of Course $15
    Credit by Exam (per hr) $85
    Exam for Credit (per course) $85
    Re-Examination Fee $60

    Diploma & Commencement Attire-Undergrad & Grad

    Dual Enrollment Fee (per hr) $100
    Science Lab $85
    Art Lab $85
    Lost Key $50
    Failure to Turn In Key $80
    Transcript (cost may vary with postage) $10
    Voice/Instrumental Lessons (Group) $115
    Voice/Instrumental Lessons (Private)
    -1 per wk
    Voice/Instrumental Lessons (Private)
    -2 per wk
    Chapel Make-up Fee $285
    Independent Study Late Fee (per hr) $285

Graduate students can apply for financial aid, including need-based aid, scholarships, and assistantships.

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