Critical thinking. Problem solving.

Engineering 3+2

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Creative solutions to complex problems. That’s mathematics and engineering, at NGU.

Dual Degree Program
Complete the required courses for your mathematics degree at NGU. Then, finish your degree in engineering at Clemson. That’s how you earn two degrees in the time it takes many students to finish one.
Ranked College in SC
NGU ranked #6 on WalletHub’s list of “Best Colleges in South Carolina” (2021)
Average Class Size
Collaborate with your peers. Network with your professors. Connect to countless resources and career opportunities. All thanks to NGU’s smaller class sizes.

Discover Your World of Possibility

You like to design and build. You enjoy creating practical solutions to real-world issues through mathematics, physics, chemistry, and computer science. Now, complete your dual degree to unlock limitless career options.

Work as an engineer in virtually any field you choose. Aerospace. Agricultural. Automotive. Biomedical. Chemical. Civil. Computer. Electrical. Environmental. Marine. Mechanical. Petroleum. Software. And more. It’s your future. Designed, by you.

Experience Learning from the Ground Up

Calculus and Physics Labs

Use your studies to solve real-world problems. Examine the city of Greenville’s current traffic trends. Identify outstanding issues and potential fixes. Then, create an updated infrastructure plan with roads, bridges, junctions, and more.

Computer Labs

Dive deep into computer programming. Solve complicated mathematical equations. Even develop working algorithms–like a program that analyzes any given biblical passage and correctly identifies the author. It’s modern mathematics, science, engineering, and programming–all in one.

Choose-Your-Own Research Project

You understand that every aspect of life depends on mathematics and engineering. So, put your critical mind to use as you explore a research project of your own choosing. Past projects have examined the mathematics of warfare, voting systems, even college football rating formulas.

Math Beside Experienced & Faithful Mathematicians

Cailyn Lee
Instructor of Mathematics
Deborah Batson, MEd
Instructor of Computer Science
Roy Liu, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Jill Branyon, Ed.D.
Professor of Education
Kerry Ravan, M.A.
Instructor of Mathematics
Pat Freeman, M.Ed.
Instructor of Mathematics
Hyunju Kim, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Charles Brian Crane, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Tim van den Meiracker, M.S.
Instructor of Computer Science

Math & Engineering Dual Degree Sample Courses

  • Engineering 3+2 Year 1

    Year 1 Example Courses

    • Composition and Rhetoric
    • Calculus One
    • Introduction to Information Technology
    • General Chemistry I
    • Concepts of Physical Fitness and Wellness or Introduction to Health Science
    • First Year Experience
    • Composition and Literature
    • New Testament Survey or Old Testament Survey, or World Religions
    • Calculus Two
    • Physics with Calculus I
    • General Chemistry II
  • Engineering 3+2 Year 2

    Year 2 Example Courses

    • English Elective
    • Calculus Three
    • Physics with Calculus II
    • Linear Algebra
    • New Testament Survey or Old Testament Survey, or World Religions
    • Junior Seminar
    • Fine Arts Appreciation Course
    • Statistics for Science and Engineering
    • Foundations of Mathematics
    • Differential Equations
  • Engineering 3+2 Year 3

    Year 3 Example Courses

    • Foundations of Geometry
    • Abstract Algebra
    • Senior Seminar
    • Structured Computer Programming
    • Statistical Computing for Data Analysis
    • Numerical Analysis
    • Real Analysis
    • Social Science Elective
    • History Elective
    • Oral Communications
  • Engineering 3+2 Years 4 & 5

    Year 4 & 5 Example Courses

    • Complete two-year engineering degree at Clemson University

Elevate Your Perspective

You’ll also take Chapel every semester, and Cultural Events for the first four semesters. You can earn credit through attendance, and each course counts as half a credit. This is the NGU difference, how you find your peak performance and elevate your perspective, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.

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