Passionate. Impactful. Teaching.

Elementary Education Online Program

Your heart for children. Your passion for teaching. Combine both, through elementary education, online at NGU.

Ranked Online Program
NGU ranked #9 on the list of “Best Online Bachelor’s in Education Degrees” by (2020)
Your life. Your career. Your studies. Tailor your coursework and schedule to fit your needs. It’s how you elevate your future without disrupting your daily life, at NGU.
NGU Education Graduates
South Carolina. The United States. Around the world. Over 1,200 NGU education graduates teach in both public and private schools across the globe.

Their Futures Begin with You

Few professions are as rewarding as those which engage the minds of children. Elementary school teacher or assistant. Children’s ministry worker. Even missionary. Positively impact children’s lives through a variety of careers.

Help young hearts and minds thrive – academically, spiritually, and socially. Pursue your God-given calling without leaving home. All with an online elementary education BA degree, from NGU.

Study Every Aspect of Elementary Education

  • e-Learning (3 hrs.)
  • Academic Success (3 hrs.)
  • Biblical Foundations (3 hrs.)
  • Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel (3 hrs.)
  • Oral Communication (3 hrs.)
  • Composition and Rhetoric (3 hrs.)
  • Composition and Literature (3 hrs.)
  • History Course (3 hrs.)
  • Contemporary Mathematics (3 hrs.)
  • Natural Science Course (3 hrs.)
  • Psychology or Sociology (3 hrs.)
  • Intro to Education (3 hrs.)
  • Physical Education and Health Methods (3 hrs.)
  • Historical Perspectives of Education (3 hrs.)
  • Child Development (3 hrs.)
  • Intro to Early Childhood Education (3 hrs.)
  • Methods and Materials for Young Children (3 hrs.)
  • Literature for Children (3 hrs.)
  • Educational Psychology (3 hrs.)
  • Exceptional Learner (3 hrs.)
  • Education Capstone (3 hrs.)
  • Teaching Mathematics I & II (6 hrs.)
  • Teaching Language Arts (3 hrs.)
  • Teaching Content with Literature and Arts (3 hrs.)
  • Teaching Social Studies (3 hrs.)
  • Language Arts Assessment and Planning (3 hrs.)
  • Professional Development and Collaboration (3 hrs.)
  • Curriculum Utilizing Technology (3 hrs.)
  • Teaching Science (3 hrs.)
  • Elementary Education Elective Courses (9 hrs.)
  •  Elective or Minor Courses (18 hrs.)
  •  Elective or Minor Courses (18 hrs.)

Elementary Ed. Beside Experienced & Faithful Teachers

Michele Schaich
Associate Professor of Elementary Education
Ellen Cashion, MEd
Director of Teacher Education
Nancy Caukin, EdD
Associate Professor of Education
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