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Elementary Education Program

Connect your heart for children with your passion for teaching as you study Elementary Education at North Greenville University. 

Education Grads Find Jobs
100% of NGU’s job-seeking education graduates land a teaching job soon after graduation (2016-2018).
NGU Education Graduates
The United States. Around the world. Over 1,200 NGU education graduates teach in both public and private schools across the globe.
Years of experience
Our faculty has over 200 combined years of teaching experience in both public and private schools. This doesn’t even include their vast experience in higher education!

Their Futures Begin with You 

Few professions are as rewarding as those which engage the minds of children. Elementary school teacher or assistant. Children’s ministry worker. Even missionary. Positively impact children’s lives through a variety of careers. 

Help young hearts and minds thrive – academically, spiritually, and socially. All with an Elementary Education degree from NGU. 

Experience Learning on the Front Lines

Teacher See, Teacher Do

Your hands-on experience begins your freshman year as you observe teachers and students in real-world classroom settings. By your junior year, you’ll use these observations to write your very own lesson plans.

Student Teaching

Then, put those lesson plans to good use for the ultimate experience of your elementary education journey–one full semester of student teaching in a local elementary school.

Cap It All Off with a Senior Portfolio

Showcase your growth and experience at your senior exhibition. Display your teaching talents through a digital portfolio of notebooks. You’ve worked hard, it’s time to highlight that success!

Elementary Ed. Beside Experienced & Faithful Teachers

Michele Schaich
Associate Professor of Elementary Education
Ellen Cashion, MEd
Director of Teacher Education
Nancy Caukin, EdD
Associate Professor of Education

Elementary Education

  • Elementary Education Year 1

    Year 1 Example Courses

    • Old or New Testament
    • Intro to Education
    • Comp. & Rhetoric
    • College Algebra
    • Foreign Language I & II
    • Integrated Biological Science
    • Foundations of Education
    • Comp. & Literature
    • Contemporary Math
  • Elementary Education Year 2

    Year 2 Example Courses

    • World Religions
    • Oral Communications
    • US History to 1865
    • Intro to History of Music
    • Intro to History of Art
    • Foundations of Reading
    • US History after 1865
    • Integrated Physical Science
    • General Psychology
  • Elementary Education Year 3

    Year 3 Example Courses

    • Classroom Management & Assessment
    • The Exceptional Learner
    • Education Psychology
    • Instructional Practices in Reading
    • Math Methods I
    • Content thru Literature/Arts
    • Methods & Materials in Social Studies
    • Teaching of Science
  • Elementary Education Year 4

    Year 4 Example Courses

    • Assessment in Reading
    • Planning Apprentice
    • Math Methods II
    • Professional Development (Service Learning & Parent Involvement)
    • Curriculum Development Utilizing Technology
    • Semester with Cooperative Teaching Faculty

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