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Criminal Justice Program

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From crime scenes to courtrooms, secure justice for all through criminal justice, online at NGU. 

Ranked Online Program
NGU ranked #11 on’s list of “Best Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs” (2020)
Average Class Size
Collaborate with your peers. Network with your professors. Connect to countless resources and career opportunities. All thanks to NGU’s smaller class sizes.
Pursue your passion through a wide variety of elective courses. Criminal Justice, Law, and the Media. Domestic Relations. Judicial Process. Juvenile Delinquency. Law Enforcement Operations. Principles of Investigations. Terrorism. And more!

Your Future, Your Purpose – ‘Liberty and Justice for All’  

Prepare to enter one of many professions rooted in criminal justice. Crime scene investigator. Law enforcement officer. Attorney. Cybercrime analyst. Probation officer. Social worker. Even special agent with the FBI, DEA, or Secret Service. 

On scene or in the lab. Wearing a badge or advocating in court. Preventing crime or bringing criminals to justice. Whatever your calling, pursue it with passion at NGU.

Justice Beside Experienced & Faithful Professionals

Staci M. Rollins, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Garry R. Smith, MA
Professor of Political Science
Nicholas Higgins, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Joshua J. Styles, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Christian Studies
Mark A. Roeder, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science

Example Courses

Academic Success
Biblical Foundations
Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel
Oral Communication
Composition and Rhetoric
Composition and Literature
History course
Contemporary Mathematics or higher math course
Natural science course
Psychology or sociology course

Example Courses

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Theories in Criminology
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Criminal Law
Law Enforcement Operations
Juvenile Delinquency
Principles of Investigations
Judicial Process
Terrorism and Homeland Security
Forensic Analysis and Criminal Profiling
Legal Issues
Special Topics: Cybercrime
Research Design and Analysis in Criminal Justice
Seminar: Report Writing for Criminal Justice and Legal Professionals
Seminar: Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills
Seminar: Supervision and Management Principles in Criminal Justice
Seminar: Criminal Justice and Legal Careers and Networking Strategies
Criminal Justice Internship I
Criminal Justice Internship II
Introduction to Political Science
American National Government
State and Local Government

Example Courses

Elective or minor* courses

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