Headshot Faculty Keris Suttles

Keris Suttles, MA

Instructor of Spanish and Linguistics
Unit: Modern Language and Linguistics
Location: Tigerville, SC

  • Teaching & Education

    You will learn with me when taking courses in Introductory Linguistics, Skills-level Spanish, and Second Language Acquisition.


    • B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies, North Greenville University
    • M.A. Spanish, University of South Carolina
  • Professional Experience

    My experience includes teaching at North Greenville University since 2012.

  • Articles Published


    “Yo Soy de Jesus” (book translation) Written by Dr. Greg Mathis and published by Clear Word Publications

  • Awards Received

    2017 – Teacher of the Year- Modern Languages and Linguistics Department

  • My Story

    As a college student at NGU I had the opportunity to take many mission trips and study abroad in Latin America. Due to language and cultural barriers, I witnessed many missionaries limited in their abilities to effectively communicate the gospel. During those trips I saw how language and culture could be used as tools for the advancement of God’s Kingdom. I began to feel a call on my heart to teach and empower others to be more effective communicators. Looking back, I can see how God used those trips and my time at North Greenville to shape my desires for the future.

    Favorite Course to Teach:

    My two favorite courses to teach at NGU are Introduction to Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. With the Introduction-level course we examine the complexity of human language. We learn about the differences between human/non-human communication and every semester I am amazed anew by our loving Creator and His design for us. In SLA we go into depth about the best practices of teaching a second language. We also examine what it truly means to be a Christ-like servant in a cross-cultural environment.

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