Jeff Rankin, Ph.D.

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Professor of Christian Studies
Associate Dean of the College of Christian Studies | Chair of the Department of Christian Studies
Department: Christian Studies
Location: Tigerville, SC

“The desire of my life and work is two-fold: to seek excellence in all things so God may be glorified through Jesus Christ (1 Pet 4:11) and to live a life that makes an eternal impact on others.”
  • Teaching & Education

    You will learn with me when taking courses in Christian Studies with a primary focus on the Old Testament.


    B.Mus.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi

    M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi

    M.Div. Christian Education, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

    M.Th., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

    Ph.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • Professional Experience

    My experience includes teaching music in two elementary schools in Mississippi for four years. Sensing a call to vocational ministry, I then entered seminary where I completed my graduate work while serving in two local Baptist churches in Louisiana for ten years as a Youth Minister, Worship Leader, and Pastor. Since 2006, I have served on the faculty of North Greenville and as a supply preacher and interim pastor in Baptist churches in North Carolina and throughout the Upstate of South Carolina. In 2019, I accepted an additional, administrative role as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs and Chair of the Department of Christian Studies in the COCS.

  • Articles Published

    “Polygamy: A Biblical Consideration,” Baptist Courier. May 4, 2017.
    “1 Chronicles,” MEV Bible. Translator. Lake Mary, FL: Passio/Charisma House, 2014.
    “Psalms: The Prayer Book of the Old Testament,” Old Testament Survey: Part 2, OT 3104. Nashville: Seminary Extension, 2010.
    “Oral Poetry,” IVP Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry, and Writings, co-authored with Walter Brown, 2008.

    “Ethnic Language and Paul’s Audience in Romans,” Evangelical Theological Society Southeast Regional Meeting, March 15, 2019, Tigerville, SC
    “Three Prohibitions and One Prescription: Deuteronomy 17, Psalm 1, and the Idealized King,” Evangelical Theological Society 68th Annual Meeting, November 15, 2016, San Antonio, TX
    “Divine Reflections: A Functional Reading of the Image of God in Exodus,” Evangelical Theological Society 65th Annual Meeting, November 19, 2013, Baltimore, MD
    “Holiness at the Seams: An Intertextual Reading of Exodus and Leviticus,” Evangelical Theological Society 62nd Annual Meeting, November 19, 2010, Atlanta, GA
    “Neglecting the Commandment of God: A Re-evaluation of Mark 7,” Evangelical Theological Society 59th Annual Meeting, November 16, 2007, San Diego, CA
    “The Function of the Inclusio Around the $lm hwhy Psalms,” Evangelical Theological Society Southwest Regional Meeting, March 12, 2005, New Orleans, LA
    “The Son Who Speaks with Actions Rather than Words,” Evangelical Theological Society 56th Annual Meeting, November 17, 2004, San Antonio, TX

  • Awards Received

    2014 – “You Make a Difference” Award, North Greenville University
    2010 – Wade Hale BSU Award, North Greenville University
    2000 – Southern Baptist Religious Education Association Award, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

  • My Network

    I will gladly involve you in my circle that includes ongoing relationships with several faculty members from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. I have also worked closely with the Director of Missions for Three Rivers Baptist Association in Upstate South Carolina as a supply preacher and interim pastor. I am a member of Clearview Baptist Church in Travelers Rest, SC where I teach Sunday School, play guitar in the sanctuary band, and sing in the choir when not preaching or pastoring elsewhere.

  • My Story

    Since my earliest memories, I have always wanted to play guitar. After learning to play as a child and teenager, I joined several bands, studied classical guitar in college, and taught guitar lessons in a local music store. My goal was to become a professional musician; however, God had different plans for me. During college, I realized guitar had become an idol in my life and began to seek the Lord’s direction. Through the ministry of a local Southern Baptist church in Mississippi, I responded to God’s call to teach the Scriptures. Although I have ministered in many local churches during my career, I have always sensed a primary call to a teaching ministry, a call which many fellow Christians have affirmed. Since 2006, I have fulfilled that calling at NGU, and I hope to do so for years to come.

    Favorite Course to Teach:

    I am passionate about teaching Old Testament Survey because I can help students understand and grow to love a part of the Scriptures often neglected among Christians while also exposing them to the beauty of the Hebrew language.

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