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Welcome home. We know you’ve grown in your college journey. You bring your own wisdom into our community on the edge of the Blue Ridge mountains. We can’t wait to meet the new you.

Transferring from a technical college or another four-year university? We work with you to make your transfer process an easy and successful one.

NGU Transfer Agreement

Transferring from a South Carolina Technical College? We’ve already mapped out how your courses translate into NGU credits.

Fewer than 12 credits earned somewhere else? That’s OK. We’ll look at your application as if you were just starting out, with a glance at your college or university transcript.

Transfer FAQs

  • How will my credits transfer?

    We don’t know, yet. Specialists in the Registrar’s office review your transcripts course by course to make the call. Before you enroll, your admissions counselor will give you a heads up about which courses we have accepted and how they will be applied to your degree. After you enroll, we’ll make the final evaluation (based on your final transcript), enter the courses into your NGU record, and send you an official notice.

  • How long will it take to earn my NGU degree?

    Once we’ve evaluated your transcript, it will be clear which courses you still need. Your timeline will be based on the number of remaining courses needed to finish your major at NGU.

  • Is it too late to transfer to NGU?

    Nope. We consider applications throughout the year, so it’s always the right time of year. In terms of your degree, you need to spend your last year at NGU, roughly.

    The exact rule: you must earn 30 of the last 36 credit hours in a degree program at North Greenville University, unless an exception is approved by the respective dean and vice president for academics.

  • Do you have scholarships for transfers?

    Yes! If you earned 24 credit hours at another institution (even if they don’t all transfer), you’re eligible for a transfer scholarship. If you don’t have 24, we can take a look at your high school transcript and consider your qualifications.

    Be sure to apply for financial aid to be considered. Review other scholarship options, too.

    NGU Transfer Scholarships, Fall 2021 to Spring 2022

    GPA Resident Commuter
    3.8 – 4.0 $10,000 $7,000
    3.5 – 3.79 $9,000 $6,000
    3.2 – 3.49 $7,000 $5,000
    2.75 – 3.19 $6,000 $4,000

    *Comprised of Federal, State and Institutional Aid. The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and SC Tuition Grant will be applied to the cost of tuition. The NGU Fellows Scholarship will be awarded for the remaining cost of tuition and room and board if applicable.

  • Do transfer students have to live on campus?

    In most cases, yes. All NGU students must live on campus unless you commute from a parent or relative’s home in the local area. Please call the Campus Ministries and Student Engagement Office with any questions at 864.977.7121.

If you have any questions about the transfer process, please contact us today.

Chip Lang
Admission Counselor for Transferring Students

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