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Hard Work, Rewarded

We know leaders when we see them. It shows in the hard work, the extra effort, and the results. We see your courage and your promise.

We offer academic scholarships to support your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. Transfer students also have a scholarship opportunity.

North Greenville University exists to cultivate transformational leaders for church and society. We seek out and invest in students who have excelled academically.

See our Competitive Scholarships.

For any of these scholarships, your first step is to apply to North Greenville University.

Transfer Student Scholarships

We offer academic scholarships to transfer students, too. If you’re new to NGU but not new to college, these scholarships can make your transfer easier.

Starting at a 2.75 GPA

We look at your college-credit GPA (24 credit hours, minimum) to determine your academic scholarship level. If you’re transferring before earning 24 credits at another institution, we’ll evaluate both your high school and college transcripts.

Fall 2021 /Spring 2022 Transfer Scholarships

GPA Living on Campus Commuting
2.75 to 3.19$6,000$4,000
3.2 to 3.49$7,000$5,000
3.5 to 3.79$9,000$6,000
3.8 to 4.0$10,000$7,000

Enrich your North Greenville University education (as well as your NGU transcript) by accepting the challenge of the Honors Program. Talk with your admission counselor.

Discover the NGU Honors Program

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