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Engage your team and improve performance. Get a custom combination of professional development services to from North Greenville University.

Let us tailor a program for your organization’s needs. We offer services in a range of topics, including professionalism, business communication, leadership, and team building. Host your program at our campus in Greer or at your facility—we’ll give you the tools to inspire your colleagues and build a happier, more cohesive team.

Custom Trainings We Offer

  • Coaching Skills
    • Coaching for improved performance
    • Team leadership role
    • Setting standards
    • Establish individual expectations, not just goals
    • Developing a culture of cooperation
    • Communicating confidence
    • Constructive criticism
    • Reinforcing proper behaviors
  • Communication
    • Up, down, and sideways
    • Use language to influence and persuade
    • Personality styles and communication
    • Dealing with conflict
    • Written communication practices
  • Developing a Managerial Mindset
    • The psychology of leadership
    • Developing a managerial perspective
    • Improving your emotional quotient
    • Become the boss you always wanted to have
    • Transitioning from peer to supervisor
    • Implementing directives from upper management while addressing the needs of the work team
    • Avoiding the Peter Principle
  • Developing Credibility
    • Understanding the bases of power
    • Carry yourself like a leader
    • Accept and assign responsibility
    • How will you know if you’re an effective leader?
    • Permission to say, “I don’t know”
  • Goal Orientation
    • The role and importance of goals
    • Defining and accepting key performance indicators
    • Setting priorities
    • Clarity of initial instructions
    • Developing a feedback loop
  • Review of HR Policies from a Manager’s Perspective
    • Evaluation practices
    • Sexual harassment policy and enforcement responsibilities
    • Safety standards and liability issues
    • Budgeting
    • Reporting responsibilities
  • Time Management Skills
    • Goal Setting
    • Prioritization
    • Decision Making
    • Planning
    • Delegation
    • Organization

Learn more about NGU’s custom professional development services. We’re ready and willing to help you! Contact us today.

Tawana Scott
Associate Provost for Academic Engagement | Dean of Professional Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are NGU’s custom services options?
A: We can do just about anything you have in mind! Reach out to us to discuss your organization’s unique needs and goals.

Q: What are the rates for the custom services NGU offers?
A: The rates for our custom services vary depending upon the topic you select for your team’s unique professional development event.

Q: Where are NGU’s professional development events held?
A: When we work with you on a custom professional development event for your organization or business, we can host the event either at our beautiful Tim Brashier Campus in Greer, SC, or even on-site at your location.

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