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Welcome from the Dean

Paul Thompson HeadshotAt North Greenville University we believe that “all truth is God’s truth.” By which we mean that all truth ultimately comes from God, who is Truth. Because we believe that all fields of knowledge ultimately cohere in Christ, the act of studying any discipline is a spiritual act.

As a comprehensive university rooted in the liberal arts tradition, we proudly offer 14 majors, 16 minors, plus interdisciplinary programs, so that students have multiple options for pursuing their life’s vocation (and perhaps even avocation) in a Christ-centered context and from a thoroughly Biblical worldview to become transformational leaders for Church and society. Our graduates pursue a wide variety of callings, including, but not limited to, the professions, the marketplace, the academy, nonprofit work, and full-time Christian ministry. Whatever calling a Christian pursues is also his or her ministry.

Students in the College of Humanities and Sciences study under some of the most committed and passionate teachers that exist in the modern American university. If students actually want to know their professors, North Greenville University is the place for them! Our faculty are dedicated Christians who bring to the classroom a wide range of professional and educational experiences, evangelical theological traditions, and a distinctly Christian worldview. We come from both Christian and secular education experiences, but each of us grapples daily with how to think Christianly about our disciplines and find great pleasure in mentoring students as they ask the same, or similar, questions. You will not find a more committed teaching faculty at any university.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider continuing your education at North Greenville. We enjoy communicating with prospective students and their parents. Please feel free to reach out and give us an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Blessings and Peace,

H. Paul Thompson, Jr., Ph.D.
Dean, College of Humanities and Sciences

English Beside Experienced & Faithful Writers

Jeffrey W. King, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
James Washick, PhD
Professor of English
Hiewon Shin, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Gregory Bruce, PhD
Distinguished Professor of English | Honors Professor
Angela Bullard, PhD
Associate Professor of English
Becky Thompson, EdD
Professor of English
Lucas Nossaman
Assistant Professor
Cheryl Collier, PhD
Professor of English
Haley Gambrell, MA
Jenna Garrett
Assistant English Professor
Rachel M. Roberts, PhD
Assistant Professor of English

Language Beside Experienced & Faithful Teachers

Michelle Heard, MA
Spanish Instructor
Jeremy Parks
Instructor, American Sign Language
Keris Suttles, MA
Instructor of Spanish and Linguistics
Ben Coates, PhD
Associate Professor of Spanish
Liliane Toss, PhD
Professor of French

History Beside Experienced & Faithful Historians

Brendan J.J. Payne, PhD
Assistant Professor of History
David Bell, MA
Instructor of History
Kayla Black, EdD
Associate Professor of Honors and History
Paul Yandle, PhD
Associate Professor of History
Paul Thompson, Jr., PhD
Professor of History
Jeff Cook, PhD
Professor of History

Justice Beside Experienced & Faithful Professionals

Staci M. Rollins, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Garry R. Smith, MA
Professor of Political Science
Nicholas Higgins, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Joshua J. Styles, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Christian Studies
Mark A. Roeder, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science

Health Science Beside Experienced & Faithful Scientists

Jordan Hairr, EdD, MSPAS, PA-C
Program Director
Christine B. Haltiwanger, PhD
Department Chair, Health Science
Steven A. Pearce, MS
Instructor of Health Science
Lisa Snyder, LISW, CP, AP
Psychology Instructor
Jeff Williams, DPT
Assistant Professor of Health Science

P.E. Beside Experienced & Faithful Educators

Jayne Arledge, M.Ed.
Instructor of Physical Education

Psychology Beside Experienced & Faithful Psychologists

Shannon House Dobson, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
Bradley Gregory
Associate Professor of Psychology
David N. Entwistle, PsyD
Distinguished Professor of Psychology
Robert E. Gaddis, PhD
Professor of Psychology
Marti J. Glass, PhD
Director of Adult and Professional Studies

Outdoor Leadership Beside Experienced & Faithful Guides

Sara Briley, MS
Andrew Glas, MSEd
Outdoor Leadership Instructor

Physical Science Beside Experienced & Faithful Scientists

David Stolze, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Ronald C. Marks, PhD
Professor of Chemistry
Amy Burke, MS
Instructor of Physical Science
H. Lee Mitchell, MS
Instructor, Physical Sciences
Julius Nfor, PhD
Assistant Professor of Physics

Math Beside Experienced & Faithful Mathematicians

Cailyn Lee
Instructor of Mathematics
Deborah Batson, MEd
Instructor of Computer Science
Roy Liu, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Kerry Ravan, MA
Instructor of Mathematics
Pat Freeman, MEd
Instructor of Mathematics
Hyunju Kim, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Charles Brian Crane, PhD
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Tim van den Meiracker, MS
Instructor of Computer Science

Dedicated and Experienced PA Faculty and Staff

Jordan Hairr, EdD, MSPAS, PA-C
Program Director
Dorinda Brown
Administrative Assistant
Noel Brownlee, M.D.
Medical Director
Allison Simon, MSPAS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Kaye Rickman, MMS, PA-C
Associate Program Director
Cathleen Ciesielski, PhD
Associate Professor
Kelcye Richards, MMS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Alexandra Brandenburg, MPAS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
Amy Maurer MS, MMS, PA-C
Assistant Professor
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