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Caroline Hartzog ’20


Occupation: Graduate Student of Music Therapy at Appalachian State University.

Caroline began volunteering at a day camp for children with disabilities when she was 13. The relationships that were formed at this camp inspired Caroline so significantly that she continued to volunteer for another nine years. Caroline witnessed the joy and unique opportunities for communication that music nurtured for this population. She knew that her passion for these kids and her musical ability were meant to be a part of her life’s work. She often says, “I looked at my life and I looked at where I was the absolute best version of myself. And that was at camp. So, I wanted to figure out a way for my life to be like that every day.”

Caroline is currently in her second semester of graduate studies at Appalachian State University, where she is pursuing her master’s degree in music therapy. Caroline plans to work with children and adults who have neurodevelopmental disabilities and hopes to one day have her own studio where many populations can be served through music therapy.

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