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Reading. Writing. Listening. Speaking. Help lay the building blocks of success.

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Biblically faithful & personally flexible. That’s your education—elevated.
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Their Road to Success Begins Here

Successful futures begin with learning. And learning begins with the ability to process language. Help today’s youth build firm foundations in the critical areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Engage proven instructional practices. Explore evaluation and assessment techniques in reading and writing. Master the instruction of South Carolina Competencies for PreK-5th Grade Classroom Teachers including word recognition, language comprehension, and reading-writing connections.

Within any curriculum, the ability to comprehend and communicate is crucial to a child’s educational future. Elevate your ability to ensure their success in any content area. That’s the Master of Education degree with a Read 2 Succeed concentration, at NGU.

Education Beside Experienced & Faithful Master-Teachers

V. Shelley Dugle, Ed.D.
Associate Dean, Graduate Education Programs
Ann Aust, Ed.D.
Program Coordinator for M.Ed. 
Ellen Cashion, M.Ed.
Director of Teacher Education
Nancy Caukin, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Education
Jill Branyon, Ed.D.
Professor of Education

A Proven Approach to Read 2 Succeed

Current Issues in K-12 Schools

Intervention Strategies and Techniques

Diversity and Social Issues in Education

Principles of Curriculum Development

School and Community Relations

Assessment of Learners

Educational Leadership

Educator as Researcher

Foundations in Reading

Instructional Practices

Assessment of Reading

Content Area Reading and Writing for Early Childhood and Elementary

Foundations in Reading

Instructional Practices

Content Area Reading

Assessment of Reading