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Professional Investigations

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God demands justice, and justice demands evidence. Elevate your investigative skills to secure justice for all.

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Promote Justice – From Crime Scene to Courtroom

The criminal justice system is as complex as it is diverse. From police officers and private investigators to lab analysts and legal professionals, justice depends on highly trained and ethically motivated individuals.

Explore how investigative integrity impacts all facets of the criminal justice system. From evidence documentation, forensic analysis, and report writing, to constitutional law and court processes. Elevate your calling as an investigator through an ethical and empirical approach to investigations.

Justice Beside Experienced & Faithful Professionals

Staci M. Rollins, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice & Legal Studies
Garry R. Smith, MA
Professor of Political Science
Nicholas Higgins, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
Joshua J. Styles, JD
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Christian Studies
Mark A. Roeder, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science

Study Every Detail of Professional Investigations

  • Report Writing for Criminal Justice and Legal Professionals
  • Criminal Law
  • Principles of Investigations
  • Judicial Process

*Choose one of the following:

  • Theories in Criminology
  • Forensic Analysis and Criminal Profiling
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