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Learning Disabilities

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Academic excellence is not one-size-fits-all. Every learner is unique, complete with their own educational triumphs and challenges. So, what does it take to meet the needs of every student while spurring them on to greater success? A comprehensive understanding of learning disabilities and personalized approaches, from North Greenville University.

Explore the various challenges faced by each exceptional learner. Learn to examine, select, and utilize the appropriate methods, materials, and procedures within your instruction. Engage social/academic behaviors and how best to manage individual dynamics within the classroom. Master the ability to assess, evaluate, and fine-tune your teaching to elevate every student, every day.

Education Beside Experienced & Faithful Master-Teachers

V. Shelley Dugle, EdD
Associate Dean, Graduate Education Programs
Ann Aust, EdD
Program Coordinator for M.Ed. 

A Holistic Approach to Learning Disabilities

  • Current Issues in K-12 Schools
  • Intervention Strategies and Techniques
  • Diversity and Social Issues in Education
  • Principles of Curriculum Development
  • School and Community Relations
  • Assessment of Learners
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educator as Researcher
  • Characteristics of Learning Disabilities
  • Methods and Procedures for Learning Disabilities
  • Behavior Management
  • Teaching Reading in General or Special Education
  • Practicum in Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities

*Note: Students may be awarded three graduate credit hours upon presentation of approved documentation of one year of teaching students with learning disabilities.

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