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Intercultural Studies

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Become equipped for your God-given calling to serve others around the world.

Tailor your courses to fit your future. From foreign languages, linguistics, and cross-cultural church planting, to courses that examine the missionary examples of Jesus and Paul. Study what excites you.
For Lowest Debt Burden
Pursue your passion without piling up student loan debt. NGU ranked #3 on the “Top 50 Christian Colleges and Universities with the Lowest Debt Burden” by Christian Universities Online (2016)
Average Class Size
Collaborate with your peers. Network with your professors. Connect to countless resources and career opportunities. All thanks to NGU’s smaller class sizes.

Reach the Nations

From the coziest hometown to the furthest corner of the world, God loves all people. You know this, and you want to spend your life displaying God’s heart for all nations.

Prepare to enter one of many intercultural professions. Missionary and mission agency worker, of course. But also, ESL teacher, humanitarian/social worker, pastor, Bible translator, and more.

Experience Learning Across Cultural Divides

International Service Project

Immerse yourself in a one-month-long international service project. Prepare for cross-cultural leadership. Gain hands-on work experience in other cultures. Discover where God is calling you to serve. All under the guidance of university personnel and qualified field missionaries.

Global Mission Trips

NGU partners with the Center for Cross-Cultural Engagement and Global Leadership to provide a variety of mission trips around the world. Explore ministry opportunities. Engage other cultures. Experience God’s heart for the nations. There’s no better way to connect your in-class studies with your real-world calling.

Intentional Internships

You don’t have to travel to the ends of the earth to see how God is mobilizing his church. While at NGU, we’ll help you secure meaningful internships within churches, mission agencies, and field-based mission sites. Experience first-hand how God uses his people, locally and globally, to accomplish his purpose.

Ministry Beside Experienced & Faithful Disciplers

Mike Landrum, M.Div.
Director of Youth Ministry
Gerald Roe, D.Miss.
Professor of Intercultural Studies
Jeff Rankin, Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Studies
Thomas Willoughby, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Donny R. Mathis II, Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Studies
Joshua J. Styles, J.D.
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and Christian Studies
Curtis K. Horn Jr., Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Studies
Frankie J. Melton, Jr., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
Stephen G. Crouse, Ph.D.
Professor of Spiritual Formation and Ministry
Bill W. Murray, Ph.D.
Professor of Christian Studies
Walter E. Johnson, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy and Christian Studies

A God-Honoring Approach to Intercultural Studies

  • Intercultural Studies Year 1


    • First-Year Experience or Honors Seminar
    • Composition and Rhetoric
    • English Composition and Literature
    • Fine arts appreciation course
    • Foreign language course
    • Computer Science
    • Western Civilization I
    • College Algebra or higher math course
    • Spiritual Formations for the Christian Minister
    • Old Testament Survey
    • New Testament Survey
    • Physical Education
  • Intercultural Studies Year 2


    • Western Civilization II
    • Biological science course
    • Physical science course
    • Humanities course
    • Foreign language course
    • Oral Communication or Homiletics
    • Social science course
    • 2000-level English course
    • Principles of Theological Research and Writing
    • Open elective
  • Intercultural Studies Year 3


    • Foreign language course
    • Hermeneutics
    • Introduction to Missions
    • Principles of Evangelism
    • World Religions
    • Principles and Practice of Missions
    • Social science course
    • Biblical studies course
    • The Gospel Across Cultures
    • Biblical and Historical Bases for Missions
    • Open elective
  • Intercultural Studies Year 4


    • Open elective
    • Foreign language course
    • Vocational elective
    • Missions Practicum I
    • Missions Practicum II
    • Systematic Theology I
    • Systematic Theology II
    • Biblical studies course
    • Anthropology for Missions
    • Intercultural Studies Senior Seminar

Elevate Your Perspective

You’ll also take Chapel every semester, and Cultural Events for the first four semesters. You earn credit through attendance, and each course counts as half a credit. This is the NGU difference, how you find your peak performance and elevate your perspective, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.