Reading. Writing. Teaching.

English Education | 9-12

Teach others to master (and enjoy) English as both language and art.

Diverse Electives
African American Lit. Christian Classics. Shakespeare. Even Literature and Film. Explore nearly 30 electives in the world of English language, literary masterpieces, and cultural identity literature.
NGU Education Graduates
South Carolina. The United States. Around the world. Over 1,200 NGU education graduates teach in both public and private schools across the globe.
Hold Advanced Degrees
All English department faculty members hold advanced degrees in a variety of specialties. From Romanticism and Realism, to Naturalism and Postmodernism, learn from a broad array of experts.

Teaching English–Part Communication, Part Inspiration

From everyday conversations to the most inspiring works of literature, the Western world thrives on a deeper understanding of English as both language and art.

Help others master the English language through a variety of teaching-based careers. Public and private school teacher, of course. But also, tutor, author, children’s ministry worker, even missionary. Combine your love of English and passion for education, at NGU.

Experience Learning as Both Student and Teacher

Teacher See, Teacher Do

Observe real-world teachers and students. Participate in actual classroom studies and discussions. Teach lessons in local public schools. Receive critical feedback from expert mentors in your field. It’s all part of your field placement experience, through NGU.

Lesson Planning

Before you teach, you plan. Master the art of translating theory into practice as you create your own lesson plans. It’s the first step in transitioning from student to teacher.

Practice What You Teach

Study. Observe. Engage. Complete one full teaching semester in a South Carolina public school setting. Expand your experience outside the classroom as you complete demographic studies about your school, students, and surrounding community. It’s hands-on experience meets a big-picture view of education.

English Beside Experienced & Faithful Writers

Jeffrey W. King, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
James Washick, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Hiewon Shin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Gregory Bruce, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of English | Honors Professor
Angela Bullard, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Sammie Burman, M.Ed.
Educational Technology Specialist
Becky Thompson, Ed.D.
Professor of English
Cheryl Collier, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Haley Gambrell, M.A.
K. Jenna Garrett, Ed.D.
Associate English Professor
Rachel M. Roberts, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English

Study Every Aspect of English Language Arts

  • English Lang Sec Ed Year 1

    Example Course Sequence

    • First Year Experience
    • Composition and Rhetoric
    • New Testament Survey
    • Biological Science
    • Health and Wellness
    • Introduction to Education
    • Introduction to the History of Music and Art
    • Composition and Literature
    • Modern Language (second semester)
    • Foundations of Reading
    • Physical Science
    • Western Civilization to 1715
    • Foundations of Education
  • English Lang Sec Ed Year 2

    Example Course Sequence

    • Multicultural Literature
    • Adolescent Psychology
    • Modern Language (Third semester)
    • British Literature I
    • American Literature I
    • Advanced Grammar
    • Math
    • Modern Language (fourth semester)
    • American Literature II
    • Integration of Technology
    • British Literature II
    • Educational Psychology
  • English Lang Sec Ed Year 3

    Example Course Sequence

    • Literary Theory (3 hours)
    • Literary Research (3 hours)
    • Shakespeare’s Tragedies (3 hours)
    • Classroom Management (3 hours)
    • Curriculum Development (2 hours)
    • Exceptional Learner (3 hours)
    • Young Adult Literature (3 hours)
    • Introduction to Composition Theory (3 hours)
    • Cultural identity literature elective (3 hours)
    • ELA Methods (3 hours)
    • Upper-level literary masterpieces elective (3 hours)
    • Oral Communication (3 hours)
  • English Lang Sec Ed Year 4

    Example Course Sequence

    • Western Civilization Since 1715
    • Senior Seminar
    • English Language Elective
    • Reading in the Content Area
    • World Religions
    • Directed Student Teaching

Elevate Your Perspective

You’ll also take Chapel every semester, and Cultural Events for the first four semesters. You can earn credit through attendance, and each course counts as half a credit. This is the NGU difference, how you find your peak performance and elevate your perspective, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually.