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Business & Leadership

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Professional success depends on personal growth. Complete your degree and lead the way, through NGU.

Your life. Your career. Your studies. Tailor your coursework and schedule to fit your needs. It’s how you elevate your future without disrupting your daily life, at NGU.
Ranked Online College
NGU ranked #3 on EDsmart’s list of “Best Online Colleges in South Carolina” (2020)
Diverse Electives
Applied Leadership. Consumer Behavior. Graphic and Web Design. Internship. Organizational Development. Salesmanship. Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship. Study what excites you.

Lead the Way

The world of business depends on capable leaders. That’s your calling, and you’re ready to pursue it. In any industry, prepare for a variety of careers rooted in business leadership.

Entrepreneur, owner, and CEO, of course. But also, serve in management, human resources, marketing, consulting, finance, operations, logistics, and more.

Business Beside Experienced & Faithful Leaders

Larry Bateman, M.B.A
Affiliate Professor of Business
Franklin Aviles-Santa, Ph.D.
Professor of Management and International Business
Feliccia Smith, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
David L. Entrekin, M.S.
Instructor of Economics
Martin R. Jones, J.D.
Assistant Professor of Business

Study Business and Leadership from the Ground Up

e-Learning (3 hrs.) 

Academic Success (3 hrs.) 

Biblical Foundations (3 hrs.) 

Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel (3 hrs.) 

Oral Communication (3 hrs.) 

Composition and Rhetoric (3 hrs.) 

Composition and Literature (3 hrs.) 

History Course (3 hrs.) 

Contemporary Mathematics (3 hrs.) 

Natural Science Course (3 hrs.) 

Psychology or Sociology Course (3 hrs.) 

Principles of Accounting I & II (6 hrs.) 

Intro to Business (3 hrs.) 

Business Law I (3 hrs.) 

Business and Report Writing (3 hrs.) 

Business Ethics (3 hrs.) 

Human Resource Management (3 hrs.) 

Organizational Behavior (3 hrs.) 

Operations Management (3 hrs.) 

Servant Leadership (3 hrs.) 

Portfolio Development (3 hrs.) 

Business Directed Internship I, II, III, & IV (12 hrs.) 

Management Information Systems (3 hrs.) 

Macroeconomics (3 hrs.) 

Microeconomics (3 hrs.) 

Probability and Statistics (3 hrs.) 

Fundamentals of Marketing (3 hrs.) 

Applied Leadership (3 hrs.) 

Electives or Minor Courses (18hrs.)

Electives or Minor Courses (18 hrs.) 

Experience Learning Wherever You Are

Earn Credit for Previous Work

You’ve worked hard to gain hands-on, job-related expertiseWhy not put that effort to work for you? Complete 12 credit hours by transferring in your real-world experience. Quite simply, your hard work goes further at NGU. 







Dive Deep with Case Studies

Experience real-world job simulations. Improve your decision-making abilities. Examine existing companies to understand their successes and failures. That’s working smarter, not harder. Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to? 






Intensive Leadership Courses

Explore the ins and outs of successful leadership. Interview respected business leaders. Identify potential weaknesses in their organization. Thendesign a two-day training program to address those needs. It’s in-class theory meeting real-world practice, at NGU.