Online Community

Move Up. Here.

Move your career up (without moving anywhere). The NGU Online student assumes a role that goes far beyond that of the traditional student. Under the mentorship of qualified and caring faculty, alongside classmates as colleagues, each student will experience the satisfaction of being an active contributor in the learning process.

You don’t have to be on campus to elevate your life. While NGU Online faculty and staff serve as partners on the academic journey, maturity and self-discipline are key to success in an online learning environment. Each student is expected to accept responsibility for academic performance and strive for excellence.

Study from home and gain the same support and benefits of being on-campus.

Climb With a New Network

Gain new friends. Find expertise. Explore new career opportunities. Belonging to our online community gives that and more for you.

Career Launch

“Please,” “Help,” “Thank you”—a prayer, like a journey, can begin anywhere. Let us pray with you, today. Everyday.
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