David Stolze, Ph.D.

Headshot Faculty David Stolze

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Department: Physical Science
Location: Tigerville, SC

  • Teaching & Education

    You will learn with me when taking courses in Chemistry.


    B.S. Chemistry, University of Michigan

    Ph.D. Chemistry, Wayne State University

  • My Network

    I will gladly involve you in my circle that includes many contacts in the local chemical and pharmaceutical industry and academic institutions through the American Chemical Society, Western Carolinas Section. I have also taken part in professional meetings in air and water chemistry and regulations through regional environmental professional societies.

  • My Story

    I had a rewarding career in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries engaged in research and large-scale production. Ever since teaching during graduate school, I had wanted to return to teaching chemistry. A career change brought me to higher education, and the opportunity to teach at North Greenville University. I have a sense of fulfillment working in a Christian institution, where I can teach within a framework of Christian faith.

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