Andrew Glas, M.S.Ed.

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Outdoor Leadership Instructor
Faculty, College of Humanities and Sciences
Department: Outdoor Leadership
Location: Tigerville, SC

“In God's wildness lies the hope of the world” --John Muir
  • Teaching & Education

    You will learn with me when taking courses in Outdoor Education and Leadership


    B.S., Georgia Southern University

    M.S.Ed. Southern Adventist University

  • Professional Experience

    My experience includes a five-year career in higher education with 2 years in Campus Recreation at UNC Asheville before beginning a faculty position at NGU in 2017.

  • My Network

    I will gladly involve you in my circle that includes:

    • NOLS, The National Outdoor Leadership School
    • Landmark Learning
    • AORE, the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education
    • AMGA, the American Mountain Guides Association
    • ACA, the American Canoe Association
  • My Story

    Growing up with the opportunity to spend time in the outdoors, I never dreamed that is could be a
    career path and tool for immense personal and spiritual growth. By studying Natural Resource
    Management in college I learned how dependent humans are on the natural world. A dependency
    not dissimilar to that of our Christian faith. Since 2015 I have been blessed to work with students in
    their most transitional time of life, creating stewards of our amazing planet as well as stewards of
    relationships and Christian character.

    Favorite Course to Teach:

    My favorite course to teach here at NGU is the collective “Immersion” Semester. Throughout an
    entire Fall semester myself and a small cohort of ODEL students explore the surrounding mountains
    and rivers. The emphasis of the semester is learning technical outdoor skills but even more
    importantly, how to use outdoor pursuits to foster learning and personal growth.


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