Private Scholarships

Exploring your financial aid options? We know you’ve got a lot to consider. Loans. Grants. Private and academic scholarships. Work study programs. The list of options seems never-ending.

That’s why we try to make things simple. Because, when it comes to paying for college, every dollar counts. And that’s where private scholarships come in.

What are private scholarships?

Private scholarships are financial aid awards provided by various companies, organizations, foundations, estates, and individuals. They range in value—from $100 to a full-ride on rare occasions—and are often tailored to fit specific fields/areas of study.

Why should I apply for private scholarships?

Unlike academic and/or institutional scholarships, which typically require a specific list of qualifications, private scholarships are often much more flexible and accommodating. Additionally, as fewer students are aware of private scholarships, many awards go unclaimed each year. Therefore, for those students who apply for these private scholarships, their odds of approval are generally much higher. Finally, and perhaps most notably, private scholarships DO NOT contain repayment obligations. They are awards, not loans. Essentially, it’s free money to be used toward your education. You can’t beat free!

How do I apply for private scholarships?

Another incredible benefit of private scholarships is that they are constantly available (and ever-growing). So, you aren’t as limited in your search by pre-semester deadlines. And if you’re curious how to start the process, we’re happy to help! We’ve linked to several private scholarships below and our financial aid office will happily answer any questions you may have. Our biggest point of advice? Don’t stop searching/applying! Search online. Search locally. Then keep searching. New scholarships are offered almost daily—if you’re willing to look for them.

Interested in making a contribution to one of the private scholarship funds?

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