The Lifeshape Scholarship

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A new competitive scholarship—and so much more. 


It all begins with Scholars Weekend. Compete for scholarships against other high-achieving students, and earn your invitation to the Lifeshape Fellows cohort. Among other benefits, Lifeshape Fellows participants develop a professional portfolio, build relationships with supporters, and enjoy NGU Honors Program privileges. Join likeminded students as you seek new levels of academic excellence and live out your Christian commitment.

Expand your excellence. Minimize your debt. The Lifeshape Scholarship is structured to bridge the gap between your other scholarships and awards and NGU’s direct costs. Open to all areas of study, but prioritized for student’s pursuing degrees in English, political science, history, languages and church ministry related programs. It’s one more way NGU partners with you to keep our average student debt well below the national average.

Full Ride
Funds will bridge the gap for tuition, room, meals, books/materials, and required fees*.
Of life shaping experiences through NGU’s honors program.
Days of Wow
NGU Scholars Weekend. Build friendships and showcase your talent.

Know All the Details

The opportunity exists for new first-time students joining North Greenville University in Fall 2022.

To compete, students will need to apply and be accepted to North Greenville University. Eligibility requirements for participating in NGU’s Scholars Weekend include:

  • 3.75 unweighted GPA
  • 1320 SAT or 28 ACT or 88 CLT

If selected, Lifeshape Fellows are required to satisfy the following expectations:

  • Participate in the Honor’s program
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA
  • Develop a professional portfolio
  • Engage university publics and with the visionaries responsible for the program

Funds will cover full tuition, room, board, books/materials (through Slingshot), and required fees (may not apply to course specific fees)

Comprised of Federal (excluding loans), State, and Institutional Aid. The Palmetto Fellows Scholarship and SC Tuition Grant will be applied to the cost of tuition. The Lifeshape Scholarship will be awarded for the remaining cost of tuition and room and board and other costs, if applicable.

Lifeshape Retreat

June 9–12, 2022

Fellows will be invited to an exclusive four day retreat held on the beautiful campus of Impact 360 Institute in Pine Mountain, GA. You will explore what it means to be a faithful disciple while in college—Know. Be. Live.

Ready to pursue excellence? Learn more and submit your application through NGU’s upcoming Scholars Weekend.  

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