Center for Educational Leadership Research

About the Center

The Center for Educational Leadership and Research at North Greenville University is dedicated to the advanced study of leadership, research, and capacity building. The design and evaluation of programs hold the potential to inform the future of organizations and improve outcomes. Our projects begin by examining important questions. The outcomes are achieved through a partnership of stakeholders working together with tools and resources to move research into practice.

We recognize that leadership is distinctly different from the administration, particularly in complex organizations and leadership occurs in many contexts. Leadership will distinguish itself by both utilizing capacity and building capacity- no matter the size of the organization.

The Center has access to a wide continuum of specific expertise and experience across the institution of NGU. This access provides us opportunities to collaborate on projects across multiple disciplines and with a wide range of organizations.

We eagerly partner with external organizations on projects. Our external partners include schools, districts, and businesses just to name a few.

Mission Statement

The Center for Educational Leadership and Research at North Greenville University serves to conduct and support objective research, professional development, and the study of organizational leadership.

The Center strives to advance the study and development of leadership through collaborative partnerships and information exchange.

The Center focuses on making every project and partnership outcome exceptional through both inspiration and perspiration. We hope to be an open door of life-changing opportunities for every person and organization we get the privilege of working with.

Meet the Staff

Harold Long, Ph.D.

Dr. Harold Long is the founder and Director of The Center for Educational Leadership and Research. He is also a professor with the Graduate School of Education. He has earned degrees in Psychology, Elementary Education, and Educational Administration (Ed.D.) with a concentration in research. Prior to joining NGU, he spent his career in public education working at every level including elementary, high school, and higher education at 3 institutions- including coordinating research at Clemson University’s Strom Thurmond Institute and the Jim Self Center on the Future. During his thirty years, he has worked with schools, districts, government agencies, churches, and businesses on a wide variety of issues. His experience includes local, state, and national projects in policy analysis, professional development, grant writing, program evaluation, curriculum design, and leadership.

Craig Drennon, Ph.D.
Senior Scholar

Dr. Craig Drennon is a Senior Scholar with the Center. During his forty plus years as an educator, he has been a teacher, a professor, a coach, and an administrator at every level of education. Dr. Drennon has also served as a Turn-Around Specialist for the South Carolina State Department of Education improving unsatisfactory schools throughout South Carolina. He has also served as a Professional Development Associate with the Leadership and Learning Center in Denver, Colorado, and has worked with schools and districts in over 25 states including Alaska. A graduate of the rigorous South Carolina State Leadership Executive Institute, and a certified trainer for the Steven Covey program, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, Dr. Drennon has extensive training and experience in administrative leadership, balanced literacy and math instruction, curriculum design, alignment of standards and instruction, and assessment. He is a highly regarded national consultant and trainer.

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