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The Writing Center, sponsored and operated by the Department of English, is one of North Greenville University’s academic accommodation services available to all students at the undergraduate level.

The Writing Center exists to help students from all disciplines in the craft of writing. The center’s mission is to help students identify, remediate, and ultimately overcome errors in their writing. The tutoring staff, consisting of English department faculty and referred students, is available to help in all areas, including discipline-specific documentation, grammar and punctuation, clarity and style, organization, and prewriting.

The center, in order to be as effective to the university as possible, is a tutoring service that aims to help students become confident and proficient in their own writing skills. This approach is far removed from a “proofreading service” that would cause students to be dependent on the tutors. The service is, therefore, a strong supplement to quality education.

The Writing Center is located in Brissie Classroom Suite, which is the lower level of the Averyt-Wood Learning Center, accessed from the commuter parking lot. Students seeking help are asked to sign up in advance on the schedule located on our scheduling website. Students should select WRITING CENTER on the right side of the page. Regular, weekly sessions for students who need extra attention can also be arranged with a tutor.

Writing Center hours will be posted on the website the second full week of classes each semester.

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