Center for Educational Leadership Research

About the Center

The Center for Educational Leadership and Research at NGU excels in three main pursuits:

  • conducting and supporting objective research
  • professional development
  • the study of organizational leadership

We realize effective leadership occurs in many different contexts and varies from one organization to the next. Genuine leadership, however, distinguishes itself by utilizing and expanding the capacity of any organization, no matter it’s size or purpose. To that end, we partner with internal groups across the university, as well as external organizations, to advance the study, development, and impact of leadership.

Our center enjoys access to a wealth of experience and expertise both on- and off-campus at NGU. This access allows us to collaborate on projects across multiple disciplines through a variety of partnerships including schools, districts, and various businesses.

In every project and every partnership, we seek to ensure exceptional outcomes, meaningful growth, and life-changing leadership impact.

CELR Faculty

Harold Long
Craig Drennon
Senior Scholar
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