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Global Impact Conference

Want to make a global impact for God’s glory? Not sure how to take the first step?

No worries—you’re in the right place.

GIC ChapelEvery fall, North Greenville University hosts cross-cultural workers and agencies from around the world at our annual Global Impact Conference (GIC). Why? Quite simply, it’s all in the title.

First, we highlight and celebrate the impact of ongoing Kingdom work at home and abroad. Then, we make it personal, connecting you to current opportunities to join in that work—wherever and however God may be calling you to serve.

Witness the incredible things God has already accomplished through faithful gospel laborers. Explore the opportunities and challenges that remain. Hear firsthand accounts from cross-cultural workers. Meet representatives from national and international agencies to learn more about their work and have your questions answered. It’s one simple step forward as you discover what God has in store for you.

Global Impact Conference Broadcast

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