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Web DrakeThank you for your interest in the College of Communication and Fine Arts (CCFA) at North Greenville University!

Has our nation, has the world, ever needed Christian artists, educators, and communicators more? From MSNBC to Broadway, and from the Met to MoMA, this culture needs us now more than ever!

So, we invite you to join us in our community of “Culture Creators for Christ.” In today’s media-saturated society, where everyone stays connected to some form of media every second of every day, Christian artists and communicators have never been more valuable.

As you explore this site, you will find like-minded souls dedicated to living out their calling for Christ as communicators in a wide variety of contexts and media.

Interested in showcasing your artistic talents?

“If a man were permitted to make all the ballads, he need not care who should make the laws of a nation.”- Andrew Fletcher

The CCFA houses 3 schools: The School of the Arts, The School of Communication, and The Cline School of Music.

In these schools, you will find dedicated, passionate artist-scholars. You will be taught by a faculty committed to you and your craft.

  • Theatre students will find Dale Savidge, who founded “Christians in Theatre Arts.”
  • Music students will learn from Steinway Artist Fabio Parrrini and Yamaha Artist Christopher Davis.
  • Visual artists will be taught exclusively by practicing artists whose work is shown worldwide.
  • And communication majors will meet Dr. Shur Gopal, a Fulbright Scholar!

This is but a small sampling of the over two dozen faculty awaiting the privilege of joining you as you take the next steps in your journey! They will challenge you; they will mentor you; they will love you.

While at NGU, you will be given every opportunity to hone your craft.

  • Music students can participate in many instrumental ensembles, including Brass, Woodwind, Guitar, and Percussion. You could choose to join the Marching Band, the Concert Band, or the Orchestra. If singing is your gift, there are the NGU Singers, Concert Choir and Contemporary Christian Ensemble.
  • Communication students are given a range of opportunities. The Vibe broadcasts in FM 24-hours a day! The Vision Magazine and Online give writers, photographers and designers the chance to showcase their work. Broadcasters, both on camera and in production, are involved with VisionTV as well as broadcasting a variety of NGU athletic events.
  • Theatre students can be involved in any or all of the four mainstage shows each year. Or you could tour with Act II, the department’s traveling ministry troupe. Festivals, national auditions, and applied Theatre opportunities occur throughout the year.
  • NGU visual artists show and compete in a wide variety of contexts both on the NGU campus and throughout the community! You may have your work published or edit a nationally awarded art and literature magazine. Or, you could take advantage of the opportunity to take part in beautification and mission-oriented events.

The CCFA programs are designed to give you practical experience. You won’t leave NGU wondering if you have what it takes; you will leave having honed your craft and ready to join the ranks of practicing artisans!

We believe that every individual has a calling to live, a story to tell, and a passion to pursue! What’s yours?

Web Drake
Dean of the College of Communications & Fine Arts

Communicate Beside Experienced & Faithful Story Tellers

Web Drake, PhD
Dean | College of Communication and Fine Arts
Randall E. King, PhD
Associate Dean | School of Communication
Karyn Campbell, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication
Kelechi Benet, MFA
Assistant Professor of Communication
Lara Eller, MS
Instructor of Communication
Andrew W. Stevens, DMin
Associate Professor of Communication
John W. Williford, Jr., PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication
Shurajit Gopal, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication
Linwood A. Hagin, PhD
Associate Provost

Creating Beside Experienced & Faithful Artists

Hayley De González, MFA
Chair of Art Department
Blake Smith, MFA
Associate Professor of Art
Zac Buser, MFA
Professor of Art

Theatre Beside Experienced & Faithful Creatives

Amy M. Dunlap, MFA
Associate Professor of Performance
Cynthia Lohrmann, MFA
Assistant Professor of Theatre and Costume Design
Joshua Scott
Assistant Professor of Theatre

Music Beside Experienced & Faithful Musicians

J. David Cudd, EdD
Associate Dean of the Cline School of Music
Gregory Graf
Director of Choral Activities
Darian K. Washington, DMA
Associate Professor of Music
Michael Weaver, DM
Professor of Music
Fabio Parrini, MM
Professor of Music
Megan Scruggs Hollifield, MA
Instructor of Music
Angela Horn-Barrett
Associate Professor of Voice
W. Gary Rhoden Jr., MA
Instructor of Music Education
K. Brent Coppenbarger, DMA
Professor of Music
Christopher Davis, DMA
Associate Professor of Music
Cheryl Greene, DMA
Professor of Music
Stephen M. Griner, MM
Piano Instructor
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